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The decision as to whether we work together is an important one. To help get it right, we meet potential clients, for an hour or so. We ask about the advice and service you’re looking for, explain how we work (including our fee structure), and answer any questions you have. There is no charge for this Discovery meeting, and we’ll only move forward to give you advice, if both parties anticipate that the relationship will be beneficial.

You may have some current decisions to make, such as whether you have enough money to stop work, how to structure your retirement income, or how to make the most effective use of a lump sum. Or it could be that you’ve accumulated a variety of financial arrangements and you’d like someone to help you to make sense of them, and see if your resources could be working better for you. Whatever your objectives and circumstances, common themes will be that you’d like to understand more about your finances and the choices available to you, and you’d appreciate an ongoing relationship.