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Monitor & Review

Things change and financial plans need to adapt. Some changes are specific to your personal situation. Others are generic, such as economic issues, legislation, taxation and product innovation. The majority of our time is spent looking after existing clients, checking that their arrangements are on track, and recommending actions, where we believe improvements can be made.

Our ongoing service arrangements cover five broad categories:

  • Access
  • Information
  • Financial planning
  • Portfolio planning
  • Review meetings


It’s fundamental to our relationship for you to know that you can contact us to discuss any financial issues. It can often help to talk things through with someone with financial knowledge, to act as a ’sounding board’ and you may sometimes like us to liaise with product providers, on your behalf.


We’ll be proactive in keeping you informed of legislative and market news and developments, as well as product innovations, which are of relevance and interest to you. This will sometimes include invitations to client meetings and seminars.

Financial planning

We’ll review the structure of your investments and pensions, taking account of tax-efficiency. This includes a consideration of any income you’d like to receive. We’ll also update the data used for any lifetime cashflow projections, to check whether you are still on track.

Portfolio planning

We monitor our model portfolios and selected funds and we will update you if we have any concerns or believe we should be making changes. Unless we agree otherwise, we will proactively review your personal portfolio with you twice a year. We collect a variety of information to allow us to do this, and we’ll provide you with as much detail as you find useful. One of these reviews will usually be at a review meeting.

Review meetings

Review meetings represent a focal point of our relationships. A typical agenda would be:

  • Confirming your objectives
  • Reviewing actions taken so far and the reasons for them
  • What relevant things have changed?
  • Are your financial arrangements still right for you?
  • Should we be considering any actions to improve things?

After a meeting, we’ll send you a report, detailing the key points of our discussions and the actions agreed.