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Recommend & Implement

Many financial planning solutions involve retail products. We can research, select, explain and arrange these for you.


Arriving at recommendations involves researching the market to find the most appropriate arrangements for your particular situation. As independent financial advisers, we have access to the whole market. Before we select suitable products and funds, we need to agree and understand your relevant objectives, circumstances and arrangements. Where investments are involved, your attitude to risk is a key factor, and we’ll discuss this in detail, before proceeding.


Having agreed objectives, we’ll design an initial solution to discuss with you, and fine-tune, if appropriate. We’ll strive to make sure that you fully understand all aspects of our recommendations, cutting through any unnecessary jargon. The structure of our recommendations will pay attention to your tax situation, risk profile and any anticipated changes in your circumstances. Sometimes, we’ll show you different options, and see which most appeals to you.

Much of our advice involves investment recommendations. Our investment process is based on four principles:

  • Good investment advice starts with asking the right questions and listening to the answers
  • Clients should make fully informed decisions and only invest in things which they understand
  • Tax-efficiency is a key factor in net investment returns
  • Investment strategy should achieve an appropriate balance between potential for gains, risk tolerance, flexibility and simplicity

The document  Our Investment Process  gives further details.


Once we’ve agreed on the specific actions to take, we’ll liaise with the product providers, to implement them for you, as smoothly as we possibly can, answering any questions along the way. This will include preparing tailored illustrations and helping you to complete applications. Once everything is in place, we’ll issue you with a formal report, summarising the actions taken, and the reasons why we recommended them.