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Why Paragon

We believe you’ll benefit most from working with us if you value a personal relationship. Our clients tell us that they appreciate knowing they have someone they trust to be able to discuss their financial issues with, on an ongoing basis.

Barry Stanley Barry Stanley
Minesh Parmar Minesh Parmar
Paragon Independent is a well-established, Henley-based company, trading since 2005. Our two directors, Barry Stanley and Minesh Parmar, have each been advisers for over 20 years and remain passionate about updating their knowledge on an ongoing basis.

Technical knowledge needs to be combined with good communication, if it’s to be applied effectively. We’ll listen to you, to understand your requirements and potential concerns, and then aim to explain things in language which makes sense to you. Our value is really the difference between working with us and doing things yourself. Part of this value is tangible and measurable, such as tax savings, investment returns and making you aware of solutions which you wouldn’t otherwise know about. Other aspects can be intangible, such as feeling secure and confident in your understanding of your financial options and decisions.